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I had the opportunity to do a custom gift for blues musician Buddy Guy thanks to his personal security guards and friends Chuck Lanza and Pat. Chuck had a vision and I took it and made it work. It evolved into a tall wine goblet with Buddy’s favorite guitar as the stem, with the neck of the guitar spiraling up to the rim. Chuck and Pat presented the gift in Chicago at Buddy’s club Legends. He liked it so much he used it and took it on stage with him.
A year later, I had the rare opportunity, again thanks to Chuck and Pat, to meet Buddy in person back-stage at his show at B.B. King’s in NYC. There I presented a surprise second cup, more of a mug style, a gift from Slavin Studios, of which he also took on stage during the sold-out show. It was during the show that I realized what a blues legend he really is.


This piece (right & below) shows a good thing just keeps giving when I had the chance to use his club logo as clock and the in the Chicago skyline. Chuck inspired me to include his club and the Southern plantation where Buddy came from.
There’s also a subtle route 55 road traveling northward to Chicago and details like the exact positioning of the surrounding skyline and buddy in the window of his office. It truly went over as a hit as you can see here.



Buddy’s club Legends in Chicago

Click on the Top AND Bottom of the image above to see close ups.




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